Spectra Services provides technical expertise and deploys own technical resources in support of both wireless and wireline telecommunications projects. We offer to our clients:

Engineering Services

  • Engineering surveys and audits performed on cell site installations, including third party inspections.

Installation and Testing Services

  • Radio cabinets, Telco, power plants, batteries, alarms, other ancillary equipment/systems installations, testing, integrations and upgrades, decommissioning.
  • Installation and termination of all copper and fiber, testing, troubleshooting (inside and outside plant).
  • Antenna and RF lines sweep and PIM testing.

Project Management and Project Coordination

  • Assignment of dedicated professionals to clients’ teams or executing projects on behalf of our clients.

Maintenance Services

  • Equipment and systems preventative maintenance and inspections.

Consulting Services

  • Market analysis, business development and sourcing. 

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