Spectra Services provides technical expertise and deploys own technical resources in support of both wireless and wireline telecommunications projects. We offer to our clients:

Engineering Services

  • Engineering surveys and audits performed on cell site installations, including third party inspections.

Drone Services

  • Aerial drone surveys of telecommunication towers and other elevated structures to determine problems with the installations, including work quality compliance documented through videos and close-up photos of specifics of the installation, also surveys of areas affected by natural disasters to assist with recovery efforts, other surveys needed by utility, construction and other companies to provide monitoring and recording of activities related to their operating plants and installations. For more information and requests for service visit us at www.spectradroneservices.com

Installation and Testing Services

  • Radio cabinets, Telco, power plants, batteries, alarms, other ancillary equipment/systems installations, testing, integrations and upgrades, decommissioning.
  • Installation and termination of all copper and fiber, testing, troubleshooting (inside and outside plant).
  • Antenna and RF lines sweep and PIM testing.

Project Management and Project Coordination

  • Assignment of dedicated professionals to clients’ teams or executing projects on behalf of our clients.

Maintenance Services

  • Equipment and systems preventative maintenance and inspections.

Consulting Services

  • Market analysis, business development and sourcing. 

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